"Almost doesn't count except in horseshoes and handgrenades." There I explained a joke. That horse is lucky I didn't take the second part of that joke as my punchline. No horses were harmed in the making of this comic. Though if I could, I totally would. If given the chance to recreate this comic in person, I think I totally would. I might change my mind when there's 1200 pounds of bucking mare three feet away... but I mightn't as well.


See there's only me here. I do a good job. I do. I do not do a great job. I'm not terrible at what I do, but I'm not great. And this isn't even what I do. It's just something to do. I haven't a team of some kind, deciding what tags to use on what comics, much as I'd like. There's many different stages I have to accomplish to post a comic, and accomplishing things isn't what I'm known for.* So sometimes I slip. I post as much as I can. And you'll notice I've posted this comic in the past, (if you are reading this currently) that's because I'm going to catch up. I will. It may take a solid minute to get the time and the sunnyness together to do so, but somehow or another, I will catch up. There is much to do, and very little time that is not already allocated to The Last Of Us.

So this picture is taken at release line for a game called The Last of Us. (It's one of those incongruous photo's that has nothing to do with the comic.) This is at the Game Stop in Pacific Place. My roommate dragged me out to the midnight launch on a thursday, and I'm so glad he did. It was all kinds of wierd. There were so many kinds of nerd there! And I didn't antagonize, I was very polite and played along and never laughed at any of the nerds. Mom would be proud.

The tool to the right of the comic is a representative of somebody, (Either the game company or sony or someone) though he was being all buddy-buddy with everyone before he was 'announced' to be some kind of shill. It was an incredibly awkward moment, they announced that there would be a group-photo taken with everyone in the room and the shill would take it or be in it or something. Then we all kinda stared and shuffled around a bit, and then everyone pretended like that never happened. Like the british gamestop nerd hadn't just called for attention and announced that some sort of photo was going to be taken with Barry the Shill front and center, so could we please all... just... something... and no...? well... ok.... then....

To be honest, it was a terribly run event. There was some sort of prize thing that happened, but they weren't prizes any of the thirty-something-maybe-with-kids nerds there would want. Who needs a 'The Last of Us' Poster? I really like the game, but I don't know what I'd do with a poster. How about a bottle? The game is positively littered with about-to-be-broken bottles. Why not give out bottles? And maybe have something in the bottles? Bah! The whole event had a vague air of confusion, like nobody really expected people to show up for it. But I was there. And a whole lot of nerds were there. And these are they.

The game's really good, by the way. A must-play.
I don't have permission from any of these nerds to show their faces or to call them nerds. Except the shill, his permission is implicit. And by being where they are, all of these people, nerds though they may be, are in a public place and I may take photos of them in public and use them on my site without permission, because laws are stupid. But I'm  reasonable with nerds and their assorted issues. If anyone would like me to blur out their face, please specify which nerd you are in an email to Olaf@megooddrawguy.com and I will blur your stupid nerd face out and reup this image without you. in. it. Nerd.
*I am chiefly known for coining the word "Frenulated".