Hey, there. I draw comics, mostly on the bus, but sometimes not on the bus. This one was drawn and conceived entirely bus-free, and that makes me feel wierd. Because it’s really good. Hmm. Perhaps…maybe, just maybe… just bear with me for a second here…. is it possible that the bus is not the best place to draw comics? Could it be? Jeez, why didn’t anyone say something?

Naw, I’m just kidding, I don’t do more like this because it took about 20 hours to do, maybe more. (I watched all of Firefly while drawing this.) There’s sketches, a draft version, then inking, coloring, etc. It takes 3 or 4 art programs (Draft in PS, Artrage to draw, and finish in LR) and a hell of a lot of patience I seldom have to finish one of these. And while I did, yes, finish it, I’d have been just as happy with this one if I’d finished it in fewer than 3 days. More perhaps. But then again, this is exactly the kind of comic I can’t do in pen, so I’d have never done it. (Why no pen? Shadows. (Oh, and it’s a really hard angle. (It’s actually a fairly hard joke to communicate right and took a number of sketches.)))

This is also the first comic I’m posting in a week, I tried to use a plugin to search for and remove duplicates without realizing that it was going to break everything ever. I’ve undid that now, but I spent a bunch of comic-time on webbing. I have a few snaps to take but by way of apology for my lateness and dumbness, please accept this rare color-comic. I’ve got a new drawing tablet that lets me do these in a reasonable resolution (this is 12 x 8 @ 300dpi!!!) and I hope to be doing more as I have jokes that are appropriate for this medium. I have one more color comic already in the bank, (my practice one just to see if I could go at this res) but I’ll try to space it out with some standard snaps.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Odd not getting to say anything about a photo. -Olaf
Hey, and let me know if you like the color comics and want to see more of them. (Lot of parentheticals in this post. (I wonder what it means…))